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Why is Africa in a good position to adopt a legal cryptocurrency at a continental level?

25 Mon 2021 9:37

  • Mostly young population, therefore, more open to technological changes.
  • Increasing need to open new markets and generate new business opportunities, which is currently blocked by the only option of cash transactions.
  • Strengthen local economies through cryptocurrency which creates greater stability and decreases the level of inflation.
  • Cross country transactions, which is currently related with long waiting times and very high fees of the telephone companies and banks. Cryptocurrencies would open new capabilities based on speed security and simplicity.
  • When managed from a supranational body such as the African Union, measures can be taken at the continental level to avoid the volatility that usually affects unregulated cryptocurrencies.
  • Clear rules of use and government organisations that control them will prevent ordinary people from falling into fraud.

These are just some of the characteristics that make Africa a fertile territory for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. It will clearly be a process that will take time, but every advantage it brings will be a boost to accelerate further steps in the development of the network and infrastructure needed for blockchain technology to expand across the African continent as soon as possible.

Dear community, please keep an eye on our news updates because there will be some big surprises coming in the next few days regarding our products.

- The Tramac S.A. team.

Africa: a step forward in the right direction

11 Monday 2021 12:00

This New Year could not have brought a better start for Africa and therefore for us. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has come into effect.
After years of work and delays, the beginning of a common market of 3.4 billion dollars and more than 1.3 billion people has been ratified by a large majority of members and is now a reality. After numerous negotiations and problems between the various countries, and the delays caused by the pandemic, a point of consensus has been reached where they have agreed that the treaty is something from which all countries will benefit.

Ports, roads, railways and other projects are being developed to solve the logistical problems that still need to be solved from the union. Since January 1st, customs duties have disappeared, and tariffs for almost all products will be eliminated, thus levelling the playing field and opening up many new markets. Intra-African trade will grow exponentially, bringing with it growth in employment and reducing dependence on foreign supplies, a vital issue for the development of their own value chains.

African leaders have made a commitment to intra-regional trade following the pandemic, with the elimination of tariffs (which were among the highest in the world), which will be gradual but will reach 97% of them, marking the beginning of a period of facilities for this internal growth.

According to World Bank estimates, by 2035 Africa will manage to lift tens of millions of people out of poverty.
To understand the dimension and scope of this agreement, it is worth noting that it is the second largest trade agreement in the world, only behind the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Of course, the agreement does not imply that change will be immediate, but rather that this integration must be understood as a process, which will take time and struggle, but it is undoubtedly a huge step in the right direction.

At Tramac S.A. we could not be more enthusiastic, strengthening our relationship with our African partners every day, responding to all their demands in a satisfactory manner. We have managed to be a fundamental link in the development of monetary digitalisation on the continent and to effectively contribute to speeding up all the mechanisms that will have to be implemented as soon as possible.

Dear community, without knowing it, in 2021 you received us with one of the most awaited news we could have wished for. From Tramac S.A., this is something that marks the beginning of a year that will be one of the most fruitful, not only for the African Union, but for all of us as well. We are getting closer and closer to our objectives, responding according to what is expected, in time and with the best predictions for the future.

We hope you are having a positive start to the year as we are.

- The Tramac S.A. team.

Current Situation

21 Mon 2020 9:37

With the Covid-19, and the consequent crisis, the focus on cryptocurrencies has intensified at an accelerated pace.

As we have been saying, there is no bank on a global scale today that is not researching and investing in blockchain technologies.

As the level of indebtedness of various governments is reaching historic highs, so are the values of the best known cryptocurrencies too, therefore these are increasingly functioning as value reserve alternatives for large companies and also for ordinary people. Even though many of these cryptocurrencies are not regulated in most countries. Even so, the wave of optimism regarding the advantages of the monetary use of the blockchain does not stop.

Can you imagine the growth potential of a 100% legal and secure crypto currency, can you imagine the added value of having the backing of an entire continent through its representative body in the United Nations, can you imagine the application of this technology to its full potential?

If the answer is yes, it is because you have taken the time to incorporate the dimensions of the project in which Tramac S.A. is immersed.

Although it is a complicated context in many aspects, it is no less true that it has opened doors for the incorporation of our ideas at a faster rate than expected, and has found us ready to respond according to all the doubts and demands that our partners had.

Throughout this period of confinement, all our developers have not stopped incorporating and developing products that manage to demonstrate the effectiveness and ease of services that blockchain technology provides, and in return, we have received nothing but satisfactory responses from our African partners.

For this reason, from Tramac S.A. we want to tell you that our optimism has never been better, that all parties are complementing each other with more symbiosis than ever and that the beginning of 2021 will be full of good news.

Full of energy and optimism, Tramac S.A. wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and long-awaited New Year.

More united than ever.

- The Tramac S.A. team.

About Growth and Value

15 Tue 2020 12:00

If we add to our human capital, a good idea, a strong and active investment community and partners on a global scale, the usability and adoption of a good or service in an entirely legal environment, the ideal characteristics for a project to be successful and to be valued in a solid, efficient and continuous way, are given.

We are realistic, at the same time we do not stop dreaming, that is why we are different, unique, we are in a process of continuous innovation, taking concrete steps to develop excellent products, but always aware of the latest technological discoveries to keep us at the top.

It is necessary to put in value the time, all the steps we have been taking, all the product developments, the endorsements of world-wide partners obtained, the meetings, trips, discussions, etc, absolutely everything has taken us to where we are today and has allowed our project to be taken seriously by the partners of the calibre we have.

Instant solutions with 6 month projects and market release etc., have a short path. In order to generate ambitious projects that are sustained over time it is necessary to be cautious, active of course, but careful, to study every detail, to fail in the process to learn and to deliver a product that has been proved efficient. Because, as we always say, we understand a company as the sum of its components, both human and technological, taking into account the partners and all those involved, as that living organism, and thanks to this conception is that we have managed to be where we are. We will continue along this path, resolutely, because the trust we have received is based on these concepts that we take as our unchangeable guide.

That is why, dear partners, it is essential, from time to time, to take a step aside, to look at what we have achieved, the phases we have been taking and, to try to see clearly where we are heading and the size of our project. Nothing this huge is achieved in a hurry.

We dream first, we decide, and we make it happen.

- The Tramac S.A. team.

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